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Jacqueline's Story

Jacqueline's spiritual journey deepened at age four while on a Santa Monica beach walk with her dad.

He said, "Look at each grain of sand - isn't it amazing how many grains there are? If the universe was this beach, our earth would be just one grain of sand on it." This eye-opening, mysterious, big-picture vision of the earth and the universe became the foundation of a journey with all manner of twists and turns on multiple paths, including a loving marriage of 30 years, the joyful birth and nurturing of two sons, experience with a colorful kaleidoscope of faith practices, and a loving, light presence in an ever-enlarging community of healing service to others.

She is a journalism graduate from San Francisco State University and trained at Mercy Center Spiritual Direction Institute. Jacqueline also has many years of brand marketing success in the natural foods industry and a wealth of experience in educational program development.

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