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Sacred Paths

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Direction and Ceremonies

Caringly Directing You in Spiritual Awakenings and Ceremonies

"The experience of spiritual direction cultivates grace, gratitude, and love, which flow out into the world to transform relationships, inspire blessings and forgiveness, and contribute to the "repair of the world." - tikkun olam

Spiritual direction is traveling with another on a journey to find the sacred in their human experience. Together with Jacqueline, you will discover how the sacred manifests, touches you, lives in you, and nudges you to new discovery and meaning. Companionship on your journey is a valuable part of spiritual growth and change. Freedom is the fruit of spiritual direction. Contact her to schedule an individual or group session at her location in San Rafael, California, or yours.

Spiritual Direction Can Help You:

• Remember and Become Attuned to Your True Self
• Sense the Presence of Divine Mystery Within and Without
• Help You Respond to the Divine with Your Whole Being
• Create and Deepen Your Own Faith and Prayer Practice
• Live in Freedom and Release Self-Constructed Barriers Leading to Addictive Practices
• Lovingly Face and Heal Old Wounds
• Create Blessings, Peace, and Joy in Your Life
• Empower Yourself and Others to Care for the Planet
• Claim Your Loving Place in Our Amazing Cosmos
• Reawaken Your Heart's Desires
• Experience Beauty, the Eternal, and the Now

Sacred Ceremonies

Every new adventure deserves a blessing, ritual, and meaningful attention. Jacqueline works with you to create and officiate your personalized ceremony.

Kinds of Ceremonies Include:

• Marriage and Union
• Relationship Affirmation
• Confirmation
• Baby Naming and Blessing
• Consecration
• Blessings for New Businesses, Events, and Dwellings
• End-of-Life Rituals
• Celebrations of All Types
History of Life Painting