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Organizational Consulting

Organizational Consulting for the Spiritually Conscious Business

Since old business models are failing us, a new path for business is to add deeper meaning through spirituality. This means the connection to something beyond ourselves or very deep within ourselves that helps gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

In a dynamic, vision-quest-like, strategic planning process, Jacqueline utilizes her expertise in brand development, public relations, corporate communication, marketing, and spirituality to assist in developing your business based on spiritual principles and values that support employees, communities, and sustainable business practices.

Tree Branches

This Work Often Results in:

• A Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives
• Code of Business Ethics
• Creation of Community Partnerships and Giving Programs
• Short-Term and Long-Term Business and Marketing Plans
• Holistic Employee Assistance Programs
• Creative Campaigns and Engaging Events That Reflect Spiritual Principles

Guidance and Project Management Includes:

• Consumer Brand Management
• Product Development
• Sustainable Marketing Campaigns
• Corporate Communication Plans
• Public Relations Management

Addiction Treatment Organizations

Based on many years of working with nonprofit and for-profit healing communities dedicated to addiction treatment, her extensive organizational skillset and personal transformational experience offer your organization an exceptional opportunity to implement powerful, spiritually oriented programming.

Areas of Focus:

• Spiritually Enriched Program Design and Implementation
• Strategic Planning and Team Building with Spiritual Principles and Processes
• Sustainable and Healing Project Management
• New Spiritual Product Development
• Marketing Campaigns and Professional Outreach